Joel (Milford, CT)

I'm very happy with the program and your customer service - thank you! 



Dave (Islamorada, FL)

You have an excellent program!



Scott (Fairbanks, AK)

Bucher Glass Inc. has come to depend on to calculate quick and accurate wind load design pressures. Prior to having this program we relied on outsourcing the calculations to an engineering firm. This always proved to be an expensive and time consuming process. We now have the ability to accurately size curtain wall systems during the bid process. This information then carries through to the shop drawing processes of the project. With we can deliver our shop drawings to an engineer, knowing that what we have detailed will properly meet the wind loading requirements of the project.



Gordon (Reno, NV)

Customer Service was very helpful and responsive. Best tech support I ever had.



Steven (Garden City, NY)

I only used the windload program once so far on a small project but was impressed with the simplicity and ease of calculating the windloads that are now required for building dept. info to be included on the drawings or submitted as a supplement with the permit application. The print out looks professional and leaves little doubt that the designer preparing the information has done his homework.

Although the cost of the software is a little pricey, the time saved every time you need to use it will far exceed the initial cost of investment. With all the new meticulous details of information now being required with municipalities in accordance with the new building code, this program helps you get through the muck of the process for obtaining a building permit a little bit faster. I highly recommend !



Steve (Diamondhead, MS)

"Windloadcalc is user friendly program that provides fast accurate results, that are easy to interpret and understand. However, the most impressive thing about Windloadcalc is not the software, it is the personal responsive service you receive. When I had question about different aspects of the program, all I had to do is drop Greg Kochmann an email and he responded almost immediately. When I needed a field expanded to allow multiple roof structures within one dwelling he modified the software. I have been spoiled while working for NASA, where everyone is dedicated and bright and it is nice to find other organizations that have people who care about the quality of the product they design and the service they provide to the end users!"



  Architect D. Morris (Coral Springs, FL)

Their wind program is user friendly, a great value, but even better, the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE support.


Skipp (Baca Raton, FL)

I am truly impressed with your software. You and your company came through in a pinch when I had a deadline to meet and the "other" company could not perform. Their product is no where near as robust as yours!



Theodore S.

Your friend Theodore S. has provided you with's website to show you how fast and easy wind load calculations are.  Plus, their customer service department is very helpful and always available, around the clock; for those time crunching periods.



Jeff (Marathon, FL)

Your customer service is first class.  Thanks for the time you put into this.


Dianelis (Marathon, FL)

Thank you very much for all your help with the ASCE 7-02 program. I truly appreciate your prompt response and especially the assistance of Mr. Kochmann.


 Jay, CEO (Palm Beach, FL)

Windloadcalc is superb. You created a masterpiece. Your program is accurate and user friendly. Your product is superior to anything we have used and/or tested in the past.  Your program is now the official windload calculator for The Beautiful Shutter Company of Palm Beach, Inc.

Keep up the good work.






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