has become the leader in getting people through the permitting requirements; for wind loads. With the ‘Building Permit Edition’ we have improved the wind load programs according to what all building permit departments require, nation wide. All wind load programs are user friendly, and have instructions built within each program to help guide you through the programs.

ASCE 7-98

Walls Windload Program ASCE 7-98 Program
ASCE 7-98 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures

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  • Everything your Permitting Department requires is calculated and provided by the Wind Load Schedule Program.
  • Easily imports into AutoCAD for your schedule.
  • Permitting Department approved to use internationally which includes Florida's strict wind load requirements for Components and Cladding Design.
  • All required Wind Load information is provided on the same sheet for fast and easy to read reference.


  • Maximum Negative Pressure (psf)
  • Maximum Positive Pressure (psf)
  • Importance Factor
  • Roof Angle (degrees)
  • (a) Edge Strip
  • End Zone
  • Effective Wing Area

Building Input:

  • Wind Velocity
  • Building Category
  • Exposure
  • Internal Pressure
  • Mean Roof Height
  • Building Width & Length
  • Roof Slope (x:12)
  • Opening Type
  • Zone
  • Elevation
  • Opening Width & Height
  • Roof Panel Width & Heigh

Topographic Factor Input:

  • Hill Shape
  • H, height of hill or escarpment
  • Lh, Distance upwind of crest of hill or escarpment
  • x, Distance upwind of crest to sign
  • z, height above ground level

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